Setting up MDaemon with DNS Exit Outgoing Mail Relay

MDaemon is an e-Mail Server Software for Windows, which is one of the alternatives to MS Exchange. This guide does not include installation and configuration of MDaemon e-Mail Server. It helps to setup our Mail Relay server as Outgoing SMTP Server in MDaemon e-Mail Server.

Step 1

Start MDaemon e-Mail Server. Go to Setup > Server Settings > Delivery.

Step 2

Select Send all outbound email to a smart host option under Message Routing.

Enter into Default smart host.

Check the Use SMTP authentication checkbox.

Enter your Mail Relay username and password into User name and Password fields respectively.

Click Apply and OK buttons to save your settings.

Step 3

Select Ports under Server Settings.

Change the SMTP outbound port to 2525. Our Mail Relay service is also open on ports 25, 26, 80, 940, 587, 8001.

Click Apply and OK buttons to save your settings.

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