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What is DNS?

DNS is the technology that ties text-based domain names to the numeric IP Addresses that are necessary to locate the domain's server on the net. Without DNS, people would have to visit their favorite web sites by typing in numbers instead of their names. dnsexit.com logo provides you reliable DNS service for all .com, .net, .org, and contry-level domains.

Got a Dynamic IP?

Just got your cable installed? Itching to have a personal site on your DSL? Want to control your own e-mail? Don't want to have to tell friends about that annoying changing IP address or ISP-assigned hostname? We can help!
Dynamic IP Updates Made Easy
Simply run curl or wget command to update your dynamic IP for any hosts or domains under your account.
>> curl https://api.dnsexit.com/dns/ud/?apikey=API-KEY -d host=host1.domain.com,host2.domain2.com
On any machine behind the router, just schedule a job to run the above command every few minutes. Our system will automatically detect your public IP address and update your hosts to the new IP. Alternatively, you may add parameter -d ip=xx.xx.xx.xx to overwrite the IP. For multiple hosts, just seperate them by , (comma). The API Key can be generated at your account Dashboard -> Settings.
The return is JSON file with a successfull update like:
{"code" : 0, "message" : "Success - some details about the update"}
code:0 indicates successfull updates while code:1 indicates IP address not changed. Other returning codes indicates errors.

What do you get with DNS Service?

Our DNS Tools allow you to manage all of your domains from our easy-to-use web interface. You have the power to manage your domain's complete DNS records; set and change the domain's corresponding IP address (A Records); have e-mail forwarded to your specified mail server (MX Records); configure name aliases (CNAMES).

Besides the web interface to manage your DNS, we also provide DNS API for you to manage your DNS with programs.

Without a domain? You can use our Free Domains to start with your dynamic IP experience.

Managed DNS Service Features

How to start?

Note: To make the above DNS effective for your domain, you must have domain name servers (DNS) point to our DNS servers:

  • ns1.dnsExit.com
  • ns2.dnsExit.com
  • ns3.dnsExit.com
  • ns4.dnsExit.com
If the domain is not registered through dnsExit.com, you should be able to change the names servers of the domain through the domain's current Registrar website.

To start using our free DNS service, first point your domain name servers to our name servers and then you can


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