Free Business Email Hosting

business emails
    100% Free, 100% Ad Free, 2 email addresses
    Email Tracing and Reporting
    POP + IMap + Webmail + SMTP Relay
    Supports SPF + DKIM + Greylisting + Anti Spam / Virus
    For paid package: unlimited mail boxes, unlimited forwarders

Why Business Email Hosting?

Get professional addresses of your own domain and access / send emails anywhere.
You can either use email client (i.e. Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Mac Mail) or use WebMail to read and send emails.
Now is the time for you to create your very own email address that you can call your own.

Features You get as Free

Secured and Private

DNSExit's data centers have top-notch security and surveillance, with a reliable 99.9% uptime. Benefit from secure email hosting that supports STARTTLS encryption for all your emails.

100% Free Forever

The Email Hosting for your domain will 100% Lifetime Free.
Never pay for business Email again. No credit card needed. No hidden charges.

100% Ad Free

The Email Hosting will be 100% Advertisement Free.
We will never display any ads on your Emails, neither on tools like Webmail.

High Inbox Delivery Rate

Your email sending will be through our Mail Relay system that has more than 250 email servers to guarantee the highest Inbox delivery rate in industry.

What is limited as Free

You can create up to 2 Email addresses under your domain for free with 100MB of domain storage space. Bear in mind if using POP to check emails, storage released instantly as soon as it got checked.

Email Hosting Technical Highlights

Additional SMTP sending ports 25,  26,  80,  587,  940,  2525,  8001
Auto response (vacation message) for every email address.
POP3 and IMAP support plus SMTP Relay
Webmail to access emails anywhere
Spam filtering / Anti Virus Scanning
SPF / DKIM for your domain
Real time creation of mailboxes.
Greylisting option for your emails.
Up to 2 email addresses.

Features with Paid Upgrades

Unlimited mailboxes
Unlimited e-mail forwards
Additional storage space for your emails
Option to allocate different quota(storage) space for each mailboxes


Price is based on the storage quota for your emails. All packages has unlimited email addresses and forwarder with the exception of the free package that has the limit of 2 email addresses. You have the option to allocate different storage quota for each mailbox (except free).

100 MB - Free / domain / yr

500 MB - $19.95 / domain / yr

750 MB - $29.95 / domain / yr

1000 MB - $39.95 / domain / yr

1500 MB - $49.95 / domain / yr

2000 MB - $65.95 / domain / yr

3000 MB - $85.95 / domain / yr

5000 MB - $105.99 / domain / yr

7500 MB - $129.95 / domain / yr

10000 MB - $149.95 / domain / yr

12500 MB - $169.95 / domain / yr

15000 MB - $189.95 / domain / yr

17500 MB - $209.95 / domain / yr

20000 MB - $229.95 / domain / yr

25000 MB - $259.95 / domain / yr

Instructions to Setup Mail Clients

Mail Incoming Outgoing Settings
Incoming IMAP / POP3 Server IMAP Port POP3 Port Outgoing SMTP Server Outgoing SMTP Ports Encryption 143 110 25,  26,  80,  587,  940,  2525,  8001 STARTTLS

Instructions to setup mail clients: Outlook Express, ThunderBird or Common Setup
URL address to access webmail : (use your email address and password to login)
Individual email users can change their own email settings at
spam and bulk emails are not allowed. To send solicited bulk email, you should sing up mail relay service.