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25 years of Rock Solid Enterprise Level Services for free
    while maintaining 100% Up Time since 1998

Easy dynamic IP updates with the curl command:
    curl -d host=host-to-update

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Outgoing SMTP Mail Relay
  Mail Relay
  Web Hosting

Free Services for your Domains

Free Domain Names

100% free and fully functional domain for dynamic IPs, web sites, Emails, FTP servers, SSL. No obligation for any paid services.

Free Domains

Dynamic DNS

Dynamic IP address got you down? Link the domain name to your dynamic IP address for free and never lose your connection again.

Dynamic DNS

Business Emails

Custom Email Addresses Under Your Own Domain.
POP and IMAP + SMTP Relay.
Plan starts as free.

Business Emails

Free Digital Certificates

100% Free SSL Certificates that support wildcard. Issued in Minutes. Valid for 90 days. Scripts for auto renew.

Free Digital SSL

The most completed E-Mail email services solutions for your businesses

email services
Outbound Mail Relay
Business Email Hosting
Email MX Backup
Email Redirection
Email Forwarding
Email Marketing

Resolve all Your Email Problems

outgoing email relay

Email Delivery Problem not reaching INBOX
Not able to send emails due to blocking on outgoing SMTP port 25
Not able to run your own Email server because incoming SMTP port blocked
To have your own business emails under your domain.
Forwarding your domain emails to existing email address
Bulk Marketing Emails

Mail Relay Outbound

Outgoing Email Relay

The Outgoing SMTP Service for Sending Emails
Enhanced Email Deliverability
Served as outbound SMTP for exchange servers, Fax machines/Copiers/Printers/Voice systems , web sites applications, or Email clients like Outlook/Thunderbird
Sent from any Email Address. Supports SPF, DKIM
Alternate SMTP Ports: 25, 26, 940, 587, 8001, 2525, 80
Delivery Reports. Email Tracking. 30 MB Max Message Size
SSL, STARTTLS Encryption. IP Authentication.
Plan Starts Free

Free E-Mail Hosting

business email

Business Email Addresses Under Own Domain
POP and IMAP + SMTP Relay

Unlimited Emails, Unlimited Forwarders, 30 MB Message size.
SPF, DKIM Support. Alternate SMTP Ports: 25, 587, 2525.
Delivery Reports. Email Tracking. SSL, STARTTLS Encryption. Web Mail Access
Anti Spam Protection. Anti Spam / virus protection + greylisting option to fence off Spam.

Plan starts as Free

E-Mail Backup + Rescue

Email Backup Rescue

Secondary/Backup MX for your SMTP Server
Your Email is Never Down

Unlimited Storage Space
Mail Rescue Feature to Server as your Primary MX while your MX is down
Access your emails using Webmail or POP/IMAP while your own MX is down.
Store your emails for 30 days and can be extended under request.
Reduce 80% of Spam hits to your server when the backup is at monitoring mode.
Free Trials

Flat rate for only $24.99/domain/year

Email Marketing Relay

Outgoing Email Relay

Boost your Sales by Actively Connected with your Customers
Not limited by number of subscribers or contacts
We provide the SMTP server for you to send emails
Send emails directly from your email clients like Outlook/Thunderbird, or through programs.
No problems for Yahoo/Gmail/AOL/Hotmail/Outlook addresses
Outgoing SMTP for your email clients like Outlook/Thunderbird
Plan starts at $5.99/month for 10K emails/month

E-Mail Rediretion

Email Redirect Blocked port 25

Run a Email Server even with blocked inbound SMTP Port 25
Served as primary MX for your domain
Redirect emails to a mail server running at alternate SMTP port
Enable you to run a Email server with blocked incoming SMTP port (25)
Redirect your emails to non-standard SMTP ports
Run a email server with dynamic IP
Will also serve as backup MX for your mail server while you can access your emails using Webmail or POP/IMAP while your mail server is down.
Flat rate for only $29.99/domain/year

E-Mail Forwarding

Email Forwarding

Forward your Domain Emails to Existing Email Addresses
Served as primary MX for your domain / Simply forwarding your domain emails to existing addresses
Present a professional appearance using your domain for e-mail.
For example, we can forward to an existing email address such as
Plan start at $6.99/domain/year<


     Every Step to Online Success
    Bring your website to life, and help it thrive

Publish your WordPress Site in 1 Minute even before you own a domain

First 6 Months Free; Then only $1.99 / Month

WordPress Hosting

free domains     More Options for your web site choice

    with more flexibilities in your web presence

Web Hosting ( with business emails )
WordPress WordPress Drupal

Web Hosting Service
starts with 1 GB disk space
unlimited email addresses with webmail access
support PHP/CGI/Perl/Python/MySQL
1 click installation of Wordpress/DruPal/Joomla
starting price Plan starts with $2.95/month

Add Profession Emails business emails Impress Your Customers

by sending emails from

email hosting

Get secure, reliable Private Emails connected to your domain starting with free .

FREE Package Limited with 2 Email Addresses

PAID Package with Unlimited Email Addresses and Email Forwarders

Customer Service

You are covered by a Support Team that is renowned for being one of the most knowledgeable, friendly, and professional in the business.

Real people are ready to assist you with any issue, any time, 24/7.

customer service

why us

United We Web

Data Centers in 4 Countries

Deliver the best in georedundancy. Data mirroring in 2 data centers means your data is always available.

Million Domains

And counting! You won't get a domain with more features and better value anywhere else.

Servers in 4 Countries

Running the latest hardware and software provide a stable ecosystem for our products.

Are you get ready ?

To use any service, just sign up an account first; then login and click on Start Services button and choose the service to sign up.


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