Mail Redirect Service - Go Around Inbound SMTP Port 25 Blocked Problem    14 days trial

Why Redirect ?

    SMTP incoming port 25 is blocked, but you still want to run an email server ?

Mail Redirect allows you to relay incoming mail to a mail server on a non-standard port. This is quite useful for those who want to run a mail server but are stuck with an ISP that blocks incoming port 25, the standard mail port.

How the SMTP port 25 is used?

All e-mail sent via the Internet is routed through port 25. When an e-mail server that runs on your computer delivers messages, it always uses port 25 to transmit data to remote e-mail servers. Therefore, if your ISP is blocking the incoming port 25, your emails will not go through reaching your mail server.

How Mail Redirect works?

    Run your mail server on none-standard SMTP port
By using Mail Redirect, you make our mail server the domain's primary mail exchanger that Stores and Forwards emails for your domain. Port 25 is wide open to us, so mail clients can access us without problem. All emails to your domain will be routed to our server that stores (while your server is not available) and forwards emails to your mail server, which you've set up to listen on a port that your ISP doesn't know and thus cannot block. Finally, you get the same redundancy as with Mail Backup MX while our mail server will spool the emails for 30 days while your email server is unavailable. The maximum mail size to redirect is 30 MB. We provide Mail Relay Testing Tool that you can use to test if you mail server is configured correctly at the alternate port to accept emails for your domain.

Accessing your emails even when your mail server is down

When your email server is down, all users of the domain can still read/reply emails through our web mail or POP3 while your server is out of service. You got the option to redirect all your email to our mail rescue server and accessable through web mail or POP3.

Got tired of Spam emails ?

Our mail redirect system by default implements the Spam Filtering system to filter out over 97% of Spam.


Only $29.99 / domain / year. Price is flat regardless of how many emails to forward for your domain. You can cancel it any time within 14 days of the trial period and not paying the fee. Unpaid services will be disabled after the trial expires. You will get 14 days trial to start.

How to Sign Up?

There are 14 days trial that you can play the service around. Simply point your domain's MX to and then